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Where art meets interiors



Victoria Newton-King is a drama teacher by day and sculptor by night. She started sculpting at a young age with candle wax, and then to the soft lead around the tops of vintage wine bottles. This entertained her whilst sitting joyfully around the table with her family. She later sold her lead figurines to a few curio shops and bush lodges.


Then years later after getting married and having two children, her family moved to Uganda for 3 years. Here she started informal pottery classes on the Mackerey University grounds and later moved over to the sculpture department. Here she found a young lecturer who was willing to teach and guide her through the art of making her sculptures from lead to wax to bronze. She learnt the old method of lost wax technique and still uses these methods today.


Her style is quirky and playful. Her sculptures are small maquettes ranging up to her largest sculpture of 1,5m.


Victoria is available for commissions. 

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