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Ceramic Sculptor

In 2012, Rosh was named one of the Top 200 Young South Africans for his pioneering work in founding Nirvana Fynbos Reserve dedicated to the conservation of critically endangered fynbos species, and for his contribution to environmental causes. His work has also been recognised by numerous organisations and agencies and has been profiled in numerous journals and publications, and exhibited at the Zeitz Mocaa Museum of Contemporary African Art. 
He studied art at the University of Cape Town, and his preferred medium is ceramic sculpture. He uses a variety of hand building methods, and experiments with various oxide and glaze techniques, including meticulous and graphic painting on ceramics.
His studio is located at Nirvana Fynbos Reserve, and he is inspired by the forms, textures and colours of nature that surround him. He also finds inspiration in the animistic cultures of the African continent, and has studied shamanic traditions.
His themes explore the human body, man's connection to nature, as well as abstract and imagined representations inspired by the living world. 
He is also an artist, facilitator, healer and horseman.


Roshan is available for commissions.

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