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Macro Photographer

Slot creates a body of work that is intended to inspire an appreciation and understanding of insects and for what they are.

Macro photography is explored to focus closely and create strange things from fragments of deceased insects. After photographing them, the images almost bring them back to life and inspire with their appearances, details, patterns and colours.

The body of work also creates a metaphor for the human experience- how it feels not being visible or ignored by others. Even with their tiny heads, the images can show the insects expressions, personalities and movements that are similar to a human's form.

However the true purpose or message of photographing these dead insects is that there is a crisis that is global which is going to be a problem for the Earth. With no insects, entire ecosystems and many plants will die or be unhealthy. If that happens so will humanity and other creatures.

The life of bugs and insects is very important. Everything about photographing these dead insects is representing an attempt of Matt’s effort in keeping the insects alive. Without the insects, what will happen to our Planet?

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