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Where art meets interiors




A young up-and-coming artist born and raised in Cape Town, Erin- Rose’ love for colour and passion for emotion heightened through art pieces can be seen in her works. In her world, exotic colour brings out the beauty in a piece. Her work ranges from funky pieces, to elegant, to provocative and sensual. As Erin-Rose grows, so does her style evolve, which makes everything exciting and unpredictable.


She paints with acrylic on canvas, but her mediums do vary to other art mediums as she develops as an artist and explores the art world. Her style is modern contemporary, with her art being unique, as it expresses her emotions which is seen in her swift brush strokes. Erin-Rose paints quickly, as she allows her emotions to guide the brush to the canvas. 

Erin-Rose is available for commissions.

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